Raven Skull Pendant Necklace

$75.00 USD

This raven skull is one of my oldest original designs and still one of my personal favorites. I have been making it for several years but never in this size. Using a special casting material, I shrank the original 2-1/4" skull down to just a shade over 1", all the while retaining perfect proportion and detail. The shrinking material is a real pain to work with but the results are well worth all the effort. This newest smaller version of the original skull is cast in solid silicon bronze. It utilizes my tried and true design of running the chain directly through the eye sockets that I have successfully used for several years on so many of my designs. The skull can be worn in the traditional beak down position or be simply pivoted up on the chain so that the beak points forward as though to keep watch..


Available in Solid Bronze or Silver Plated White Bronze. Arrives on a matching chain the length of your choice.

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