Ram Skull Necklace

$105.00 USD

Indigenous tribes in North America have revered bighorn sheep as symbols of power, balance, and awareness. The best known qualities of these powerful animals are their massive, spiral horns, their ability to climb steep cliff faces with ease, and their exceptional eyesight. Another neat fact is that female lambs remain with their mothers for all of their lives. This realistic full curl bighorn ram skull measures 1-1/4" both long and wide. The growth rings of the solid cast circular horns are beautifully captured in bronze. Detailed carving accurately displays every ridge and crevice of the skull.

AVAILABLE PENDANT METALS:  Bronze and Silver Plated White Bronze
SIZE:        1.25" Length
WEIGHT: 10 grams
CHAIN:     Bronze Version - 24" Antique Bronze Chain
                Silver Plated White Bronze Version - 24" Gunmetal Chain

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