Chicken Foot Necklace

$119.00 USD

This piece is definitely not for anyone with a wallflower personality. This bantam chicken foot pendant was cast from a real foot. Every tiny detail has been replicated in solid bronze and the dark oxidized finish adds even more mystique to this unique piece. The toes of the foot have been positioned so that the points of the four claws come together to form a cross of sorts, giving it an eerie look while rendering it safe to wear.Chicken feet have been used in high occult magic, voodoo and Santeria for many purposes. Two noted uses are for hanging over an altar or sacred space for protection and safety. It can also be hung over a door or entry way for the same purpose. In offensive magic it can be symbolically used for the "scratching" of the vision, hearing and speech of ones actions not desired! It has been used for centuries as both a protection in defensive magic and as a magical weapon in offensive magic. 

AVAILABLE PENDANT METALS:  Bronze and Silver Plated White Bronze
SIZE:        2" Length
WEIGHT: 12 grams
Bronze - 32" Antique Bronze Chain  
Silver Plated White Bronze Version - 32" Gunmetal Chain

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