Bird Claw Lariat Necklace - Solid Hand Cast Bronze Double Lariat Necklace - Statement Gift For Her

$85.00 USD
The unfortunate donor of this bird foot, a spotted towhee, flew into the freshly cleaned window of my studio about two years ago. Rather then let he demise become a total loss, I salvaged at least a small part of his being to be perfectly immortalized in bronze to every exact detail of the original claw. Once dried, a fine bail was set into the leg and a mold was made so that bronze duplicates could be made. The 1-1/2" claw cast beautifully , the toes can be posed and will hold their position as they are not so thin as to be flimsy. The bronze has a polished oxidized finish that really highlights the scaly skin texture and sharp curved claws to the maximum. The claws hang from bronze twisted rope jump rings, one on each end of a bronze lariat chain.

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